Step 1. Goto File > Account Settings

Goto File > Account Settings > Account settings


Step 2. Click Add Account (Or you may wish to edit an existing account by clicking account settings and double clicking an account in the next list. Jump to step 5)

Step 3. Click Manually configure server settings

manually configure server settings


Step 4. Make sure Internet E-mail is selected and click Next

Click Next


Step 5. Fill in the details as below:-




Step 6. Click More Settings then Outgoing Server tab.  Check the box My Outgoing server requires authentication and Use same settings as incoming.

Click the outgoing server tab

Step 7. Click the Advanced tab.

Tick "This sever requires and encrypted connection" AND change "Use the following type of encrypted connection" to SSL.

You will need to change the outgoing server port number manually to 465

Click the Advanced tab

Step 8. Click OK, then Next.  Thats it all done.

Check the settings by pressing send and receive on the toolbar or remember the keyboard shortcut F9 to send and receive.

If you're getting an error message at this point then you may well have your password wrong.  Go back over the previous pages and confirm that all settings are as per step 5, 6 and 7.

If it is still not working then open a web browser and goto (change to be your own domain name)

Type the first part of your email address in the name box and your password in the next.  If you are able to login here then you have confirmed that your password is correct and working.