#Backup Old Server
ssh -l username server
mysqldump --add-drop-table -h host  -u db_usr -p*dbpassword* db_name  > blogsql.sql
tar -cvf wp.tgz public_html/* blogsql.sql 


Note that the mysql password will only work inline if there are no special characters.    


#Login to new server and restore
ssh -l username newserver
#Copy from old site
scp username@oldserver:/home/homedir/wp.tgz .
#Extract files from tarball
tar -xvf wp.tgz
mysql -h host -u db_usr  -ppassword db_name < blogsql.sql
#Delete files
rm blogsql.sql wp.tgz



Update Nameserver records to point to new host.

All Done - easy peasy